Bijou végétal

It is without a doubt that nature has been inspiring humans in various ways for a long time.

It should not be a surprise then that our planet’s flora have influenced some jewellery creations maybe it be in their design, shape and colors.

But how about wearing and carrying a little piece of nature with you? This is the innovative concept that two long time friends, Manuella and Maryse have worked on to come up with a vegetal jewellery collection:  Bijou Végétal.

If ever you were looking for gifts for your loved ones who are also nature lovers… this might be interesting gift idea to consider.



World Music Day

As the world celebrates World Music Day, today 21st June, I wanted to celebrate this special day by sharing the incredible works of American artist Melissa McCracken.

She uses her synesthesia to share her perception of the world through her artworks. She literally paints music…

If you ever wondered what Imagine by John Lennon might look like…

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, covered by Jeff Buckley

Time by Pink Floyd

At last by Etta James

You can check out the works of Melissa McCracken on her official website as well as on her Instagram account.


Butterfly Effect

The “Butterfly Effect” ink creation from the contemporary artist Michael van Straaten recently caught my eye.

It is based on the butterfly effect concept in chaos theory where small causes can have much bigger impacts.


Philip Larkin – The Trees

Just discovered this animation created to illustration the poem ‘The Trees’ by the English poet Philip Larkin…

A serene way to start this week…


Check out the video : The Trees by Philip Larkin from Lucy Izzard.

The Trees

The trees are coming into leaf
Like something almost being said;
The recent buds relax and spread,
Their greenness is a kind of grief.

Is it that they are born again
And we grow old? No, they die too,
Their yearly trick of looking new
Is written down in rings of grain.

Yet still the unresting castles thresh
In fullgrown thickness every May.
Last year is dead, they seem to say,
Begin afresh, afresh, afresh.


Monsieur Plant

Identifying himself as a ‘Jartdinier GlobeTrotter‘ (‘Globetrotter gartdener’ – notice the play on words), Monsieur Plant a.k.a French artist Christophe Guinet creates impressive vegetal art installations and pieces.

Among his creative projects, he reinterpreted some branded sneakers, the Darth Vader mask or the Batman mask and cape.

Mr. Plant
Moss collection
Just Grow It
Purple ‘Just Grow It’
Bark Vader
Batman vs Mr.Plant

You can follow the artistic experiments of Mr. Plant here.


Spring is always a magical season and is often viewed as a season of renewal. After winter, nature thrives again.

One of the remarkable displays that mark the return of spring is the blooming of the cherry blossom. There are more than 600 varieties of cherry blossoms and their blooming period usually spans from March to early May.

Admiring the cherry blossoms is a much expected yearly event in Japan and now everywhere around the world. Hanami, watching the flowers in full bloom while having an outdoor party is a special way to celebrate and enjoy Spring.

Many have captured the magical and ephemeral beauty of the sakura and other flowers in Spring but I recently came across photos taken by the Japanese photographer Danilo Dungo.

If ever you were looking for some serene sceneries as inspiration, please indulge yourself with these enchanting shots…

Pagoda, Sakura and Fuji at Yamanashi
Morning scene at lake Kawaguchiko with the pride of Japan Mt. Fuji and Sakura.
Cherry Blossom Final Moment
A night scene at spring time cherry blossom illuminated by LED light in Tokyo
Sakura full bloom at Naka Meguro in Tokyo.
A night scene at Naka meguro in Tokyo, Japan during sakura season

You can check out Danilo Dungo’s portfolio here.

W.O.W. – A Tribute to Nature

W.O.W – This popular acronym here stands for ‘Wonderful Other Worlds‘ and it encapsulates the ethereal world of Canadian born, Austin – Texas based,  visual artist Ysabel LeMay.

Her work consists of creating captivating panoramas using the process of hypercollage as an ode to nature.

I’ll leave you to judge the beauty of it all…

You can learn more about the artist and her work here.


13th Annual Photo Contest

The Smithsonian has recently published its results for its 13th Annual Photo Contest.

The photo contest is open to everyone and there are 7 categories for submissions such as ‘Travel’, ‘Natural World’ and ‘ Sustainable Travel’…

For the 2015 edition, the Grand Prize winner is Albert Ivan Damanik for his photo entitled Remaining on the Slopes of Mount Sinabung.

The Natural World category was won by Hidetoshi Ogata and the A Little Monkey on the Cliff photo.

While Radim Schreiber was announced as the Altered images winner for the photo : Synchronous Fireflies

You can view the list of all the winners and finalists on the Smithsonian website as well as see the entries for the 2016 edition ; the 14th Annual Photo Contest or even submit your own photo.

Aurora Borealis

Ever wondered what an Aurora Borealis might look like from Space ?

Well NASA gives you the answer!

Shot from the International Space Station, you can admire the Aurora Borealis as well as the Aurora Australis phenomena…

To me it feels surreal… the colors are mesmerizing and it definitely is among the extraordinary wonders of our planet.