Spring is always a magical season and is often viewed as a season of renewal. After winter, nature thrives again.

One of the remarkable displays that mark the return of spring is the blooming of the cherry blossom. There are more than 600 varieties of cherry blossoms and their blooming period usually spans from March to early May.

Admiring the cherry blossoms is a much expected yearly event in Japan and now everywhere around the world. Hanami, watching the flowers in full bloom while having an outdoor party is a special way to celebrate and enjoy Spring.

Many have captured the magical and ephemeral beauty of the sakura and other flowers in Spring but I recently came across photos taken by the Japanese photographer Danilo Dungo.

If ever you were looking for some serene sceneries as inspiration, please indulge yourself with these enchanting shots…

Pagoda, Sakura and Fuji at Yamanashi
Morning scene at lake Kawaguchiko with the pride of Japan Mt. Fuji and Sakura.
Cherry Blossom Final Moment
A night scene at spring time cherry blossom illuminated by LED light in Tokyo
Sakura full bloom at Naka Meguro in Tokyo.
A night scene at Naka meguro in Tokyo, Japan during sakura season

You can check out Danilo Dungo’s portfolio here.


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