World Music Day

As the world celebrates World Music Day, today 21st June, I wanted to celebrate this special day by sharing the incredible works of American artist Melissa McCracken.

She uses her synesthesia to share her perception of the world through her artworks. She literally paints music…

If you ever wondered what Imagine by John Lennon might look like…

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, covered by Jeff Buckley

Time by Pink Floyd

At last by Etta James

You can check out the works of Melissa McCracken on her official website as well as on her Instagram account.




For one of her photography series, fine art photographer Kari Herer creatively combined animals illustrations with fresh flowers to create a poetic artwork.

You can of course discover her other photography series on her official website here.

Butterfly Effect

The “Butterfly Effect” ink creation from the contemporary artist Michael van Straaten recently caught my eye.

It is based on the butterfly effect concept in chaos theory where small causes can have much bigger impacts.


Monsieur Plant

Identifying himself as a ‘Jartdinier GlobeTrotter‘ (‘Globetrotter gartdener’ – notice the play on words), Monsieur Plant a.k.a French artist Christophe Guinet creates impressive vegetal art installations and pieces.

Among his creative projects, he reinterpreted some branded sneakers, the Darth Vader mask or the Batman mask and cape.

Mr. Plant
Moss collection
Just Grow It
Purple ‘Just Grow It’
Bark Vader
Batman vs Mr.Plant

You can follow the artistic experiments of Mr. Plant here.

W.O.W. – A Tribute to Nature

W.O.W – This popular acronym here stands for ‘Wonderful Other Worlds‘ and it encapsulates the ethereal world of Canadian born, Austin – Texas based,  visual artist Ysabel LeMay.

Her work consists of creating captivating panoramas using the process of hypercollage as an ode to nature.

I’ll leave you to judge the beauty of it all…

You can learn more about the artist and her work here.